It's unfathomable to think what the last 11 years have been like for Billy and Connie Grinstead.

Their daughter went missing in October 2005 disappearing without a trace.

Connie Grinstead stood in the glaring spotlight of local and national media Thursday flanked by a dozen law enforcement officials at the Irwin County Courthouse.

They were there to announce that an arrest was made in her daughter's disappearance and presumed killing.

The body of Tara Grinstead, 31, was never found. Investigators are continuing their search for her remains.

Tara Grinstead (file photo)

As she stood at the podium in front of a bunch of microphones and cameras, Connie Grinstead remained faithful.

"We like to thank God for answered prayers," she said. "We always believed it would be solved, we just didn't know when."

Grinstead thanked the GBI and local law enforcement for their hard work and dedication.

"We always believed in the GBI and their dedication to Tara's case," she said.

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Connie Grinstead, who now lives in Alabama, reflected on when she moved to Ocilla and how Tara thrived in the small community.

"We lived in Ocilla for eight years. Tara lived with us here for four of those years ... you welcomed us with open arms and treated us as if we were one of your own and you did the same for Tara and we are so grateful to you for that," Grinstead said.

"Tara was able to fulfill many of her dreams right here in Ocilla. She loved being a teacher and she was really good at it," she added. "We hope and pray that with time this community can have closure and heal from this."