Construction is underway on Poplar Street near the Government Center. For those passing by, construction workers can be seen hammering away at the concrete.

Gabrielle Dawkins spoke to city spokesman Chris Floore to figure out what is going on in that area.

First, workers cleared the trees and then removed the concrete, and now they're destroying the fountain.

Just Tap'd is next door, and its manager, Jake Grisamore, says the changes sparked a smile.

"Nothing but excitement, honestly, because I think green spaces are so important and vital to cities, especially a growing city like Macon," says Grisamore.

City spokesman Chris Floore says the city is using $150,000 in SPLOST money to turn this area into a green space that will have trees, new concrete, and landscaping.

"Poplar Street Commons is being expanded to include more areas where a band can be," says Floore. "Where tents can be for things like a beer festival, really, for more usage than it's seeing now, which is almost nothing."

Floore says this is one of many projects in the downtown, like a new hotel, lofts, and new restaurants.

Grisamore says that this can have an economic impact and create more foot traffic in the area.

"The more spaces like this, the more attractions that we have the more businesses that open downtown are going to get more people into the downtown, and the more people that are around means more business for everyone," says Grisamore.

There is no timeline on when the Poplar Street project will be completed.