Mary Parham-Copelan is Milledgeville's new Mayor.

She beat incumbent Gary Thrower by just 6 votes.

Thrower was elected 2 years ago in a special election for the seat. He says he hoped to continue his work as mayor for another 4 years, but he says now he'll support Copelan in her new role.

“At some point in time, I’m going to sit down with Ms. Copelan and show her everything I’ve got, try to explain everything that I do, try to put her in positions that she’ll succeed. We’re all in this together," Thrower said. "She’s what the people decided they want as their leader for this community and I’m going to try to be a good citizen to support her.”

Copelan will fulfill the role in the next few weeks and she says she's ready to get to work.

“The infrastructure, making sure that we market and brand Milledgeville a little differently, working for our 18 and under, making sure we have things for our children to do, and our career opportunities, not just jobs but careers. We need to bring back true careers to our city," Copelan said. "We need to get everything back on the line and work with city council and the city manager, and we’re going to move Milledgeville forward like never before.”

And in other races from Milledgeville, Richard Mullins wins the District 5 seat for council, and in district 6 Mike Cobb won his seat for the GMC Board of Trustees.


Mary Parham Copelan is Milledgeville's new mayor.

She defeated incumbent Gary Thrower 833 votes to 827 votes in Tuesday's election.

District Five Milledgeville City Council seat was won by Richard Mullins. He defeated Harry Keim 254 to 101.

Mike Cobb was elected to District 6 GMC Board of Trustees. He defeated Calvin Hill 435 to 189.