CORDELE, Ga. — When severe weather strikes, one of the groups hit the hardest is farmers. One Cordele farm is preparing after it was hit by a hurricane two years in a row.

Judd Baker is the owner of J.W. Cannon Farms. He says hurricane season is the least favorite time of year for farmers like himself.

"The business we're in, it's about hope -- hoping that you'll have a crop and trusting that you can bring that crop to market," Baker said.

For the last two harvests, it's been difficult.

"Between Hurricane Irma in 2017 and Michael in 2018, basically 18-20-year-old orchards. We lost hundreds of trees, 3- 400 trees," said Baker.

For pecan trees, that's the ideal age range where they produce the best product. Now, it's time for the 6-year-old trees to step up and fill the void.

"This year, we're excited to come back and harvest them for the first time, and these next couple years will be critical. We'll start to see the equation turn around the other way. We've been putting money into them for six years now, and we'll start to see a return on that investment."

That's the hope, but Baker says even the slightest storm could have an impact.

"The nuts on the tree, the water the tree is moving to fill to make the meat of the nut creates a situation where even a thunderstorm can make a mess."

With severe weather possibly on its way, he says all he can do is pray.

"Certainly are hoping for a hurricane-less year, a tropical storm-less year -- that would be nice."

For now, Baker says it will be business as usual as they continue to water the trees and mow the grass.

Pecan harvesting season is underway now and lasts for several months.

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