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'Couldn't be more grateful': Groups come together to donate water well to Sandersville family

"There's not enough words. I mean, I'm a humble person and I try to live simple, and this means more than what I can really say.”

SANDERSVILLE, Ga. — Get ready for some waterworks. Wednesday, several organizations came together to give military veteran Tom Hall and his family access to clean, running water by installing a well.

13WMAZ takes you to Sandersville to show you how people came together from across the country to make a life changing move happen.

 "Water is a precious commodity, especially in this heat,” Hall says.

Tom Hall is a Sandersville native. He's a military veteran, farmer, and lives with his family of five. They lost access to water over a month ago. 

"Basically, the old well collapsed, so then I was living out of five-gallon buckets and 55-gallon drums,” he explains.

Hall says the way they did laundry, showers, washing dishes, and watering their animals were all affected. He said enough was enough. 

"Miss Sarah with Sandersville Well and Septic told me about these companies to try and I put in for them, and here we are because it was getting bad,” Hall explains. 

Susan O'Grady is with Xylem, a water technology company and one of the organizations that joined together to come to the rescue. 

“We have a social responsibility program called WaterMark and so we work with our customers to help bring water to America. The Chris Long Foundation--  we-'re connected with them. They're the voice to get the issues out in the world and then the Water Well Trust qualifies the family,” she says. 

O'Grady says that families like the Halls qualify by being military, hardworking, and low-income with a need for water. The project costs $20,000, but it's free for the Halls.   

"To live without water is not something that anyone should have to do. I mean, Mr. Hall gave back to our country. It's a big deal to me that we're serving a military family today, so, I mean -- it's heartwarming. It's just amazing that we're able to help people like this,” O’Grady says.

Hall says he couldn't be more thankful. 

"There's not enough words. I mean, I'm a humble person and I try to live simple and this means more than what I can really say.”

By the time the Halls go to sleep Wednesday night, the well should be finished. This is the ninth project being completed by the Chris Long Foundation. The former NFL player came up with the organization to help out with situations just like this.


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