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Mayor, council discuss expansion of Centerville recycling center

This center has seen thousands of people over its 20 plus years and pulled in 142 tons of recyclables last year alone.

CENTERVILLE, Ga. — Many people flock to Centerville each week to recycle their goods. As recycling needs grow, their recycling space seems to be shrinking.

"We come out here mainly because we just want to do better for the environment. So, we're being more cautious of what we buy, how we cook, what we eat. That also goes with our waste too," Miguel Espinal said.

Espinal and Cristela Argueta come out to Centerville's recycling center once a week.

This center has seen thousands of people over its 20+ years and pulled in 142 tons of recyclables last year alone.

"Recently, Warner Robins quit taking plastic, so all their customers are coming our way. So, we're open Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. and on Saturdays, it’s a car lot," volunteer manager Randall Wright said.

Wright says he and the other two volunteers per shift handle the facility.

"Right now at this present site, we can’t expand anymore, we've expanded what we can but this car lot only happens for a short period of time, it’s not all the time,” he said.

As the space becomes tighter, Mayor and council have noticed.

"It’s starting the feel the strain a little bit of all of the traffic that it gets so we're having a discussion about what a future expansion might look like," Councilman Justin Wright said.

Wright says that strains not only the space but equipment, and the volunteers. He says they're considering all that before making any final decisions.

"The city does have some property at our public works facility that's not even half a mile from here, it’s just down the road but we do have some space where we could relocate the center there,” he said.

Next Tuesday, the Centerville council is scheduled to discuss whether they need a new and bigger recycling center. Until then, both men say they're working to grow their volunteer numbers.

If you'd like to volunteer-- contact the city of Centerville.

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