People from all over the world spent the weekend remembering the Allman Brothers Band at Macon's annual GABBA Festival.

One couple says they come from Finland every year for the event.

Timo Nieminen says he will never forget the first time he heard the Allman Brothers Band.

“I was wow. That’s my music,” said Nieminen.

It was 1970 and Nieminen says he had a radio that let him pick up music from all around the world.

“Beatles and Rolling Stones and British music, but I didn’t like that music so much. But when I heard Gregg’s soulful singing, it was wow,” said Nieminen.

29 years later, Nieminen says he came to the U.S. and got to see the Allman Brothers Band play.

“Then we went back home, and I said to my wife we need to go back,” said Nieminen.

He says he and his wife Marja-Liisa have come to Macon every year since to gather with fellow fans at the GABBA festival.

“I love that music,” said Marja-Liisa.

But she says it is more than just the band that keeps them coming back to Macon.

“My friends and food and the city. I love it,” said Marja-Liisa.

It is a city Timo says is like a second home.

“We have a big Allman Brothers family here. We are all brothers and sisters,” says Timo.

He says they will keep coming back until the end because the road goes on forever.

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