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Crisp County Schools screens staff working in meal program

Two of the district's nursing instructors screen cafeteria staff and bus drivers every morning to make sure they're healthy before preparing students' meals.

CRISP COUNTY, Ga. — Like many school districts, Crisp County has a program for students to get their meals while schools are shutdown.

"A lot of them they don't receive meals on a regular basis at home, and they really depend on their school lunches," Healthcare Instructor Nancy Mozo said.

Registered nurses and healthcare instructors Janean Anderson and Mozo monitor the health of the staff members who are working away from home to feed students.

"One of our main concerns was the bus drivers and these cafeteria workers coming in that are having to congregate and come together to put these meals together and put them on these buses, so they can be delivered to these children," Mozo said.

"We were given a protocol, and we screen the employees when they come in so that they are safe to prepare the meals and be giving the meals out," Anderson said.

They set up their station at the high school every weekday starting at 7:30 a.m. and screen up to 100 employees as they walk into the building.

"They wash their hands in the bathroom for 20 seconds, and then they come through our line that gets their temperature checked. We make sure they've not had any cough, shortness of breath, fever at home, and then we actually take their temperature," Anderson said.

"When you talk about taking care of children, everybody comes together. Everybody is willing to do what's necessary to protect those children, so they were very willing, because then they realized, 'hey this is protecting me as well as them,'" Mozo said.

They're doing whatever they can in the fight against COVID-19.

"We try to make sure that anyone coming into contact with someone else or a child goes through the screening process," Mozo said.

"They're expecting those meals, because they need them, and we've got to make the best of it and provide it for them," Anderson said.


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