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Crystal Lake Apartments tenants frustrated after new move-out order

A new receiver was appointed to the complex and is asking residents to move out by the end of April.

MACON, Ga. — More people in the Crystal Lake apartments are finding themselves looking for somewhere else to live after the complex gained new management.

The apartments were given a new receiver by a judge. Strategic Management Partners was tasked with collecting rent and arranging repairs. They sent out a letter to residents saying "it would not be possible or safe to conduct the extensive repairs needed while tenants are still living at the complex."

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Patricia Lockett already moved out after the ceiling collapsed on her daughter. The Department of Family and Children Services said her apartment was unsafe for her children because of the ceiling, roach infestation and sewage backup.

Lockett and her children were living in a hotel from February 16 until March 25 before moving into Lockett's eldest daughter's one bedroom apartment.

"I'm going through a lot, I don't want no one to go through none of this," Lockett said. "That's our home, that was our home. now we're homeless."

She is not the only who has had to leave. Residents received notices on their doors that the entire complex is being cleared out after a new receiver was appointed over the apartments last week. 

The letter says it won't be possible or safe to conduct extensive repairs and gave residents until April 30 to move out. The complex says they'll waive March and April rent.

"What is all these people gonna do? I don't just feel for me and my family. I feel for everybody," Lockett said. 

Like Lockett, Alfred Riggins has been in a hotel after being moved out of the high-rise apartments. "This is not somewhere I want to be at."

He says waiving the rent isn't enough and that living outside of his home has made it impossible to pay for a new one. "How can I do that when I'm steady trying to eat, when I'm trying to find somewhere to stay? I'm trying to save money for my deposit, for my water bill, my light bill, and application fees. I mean, it's hard for us out here, man," said Riggins.

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Riggins said not enough is being done by the complex or the city. Lockett says the whole situation has made her feel like a failure. "It makes me feel like it doesn't matter, I don't matter. My kids don't matter."

Crystal Lake says they will enforce rent payment for those who choose to stay past the April 30 deadline.

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