On Sunday, a group of teenagers in Warner Robins competed for the 'Cyber Patriot' state title.

It’s a program that teaches middle and high school student how to act as IT professionals and manage the ‘network’ of a small company.

In the nationwide ‘youth cyber defense’ competition, teams are tasked with finding ‘cyber security vulnerabilities.’

The GA 808 CAP Cyber Patriot Team currently has the highest score in Georgia and they’re ranked 80 out of 1,025 teams across the US.

Team member Joseph Shetler says learning these skills might help him land a job one day in the future.

“We’re going through the operating system looking for programs that aren’t supposed to be there. Users that shouldn’t be administrators and just little things that aren’t right,” said Shetler.

The team will have to wait a few weeks to receive their scores from Sunday’s competition and that will determine if they move on to the next round of finals.