Parents of children who attend Prodigy Learning Center have been sharing social videos that they say have them outraged.

According to a message sent to KENS 5 via Facebook, parents say they found videos on Snapchat of employees "doing some inappropriate things" in front of the children.

The parents say new videos are posted almost weekly that show the employees twerking and playing loud and inappropriate music in front of the children.

One parent noted how in some of the Snapchat videos, kids can be heard crying in the background, which the employees ignore. Another was outraged with a video in which an employee pulling down her pants in front of the kids. What concerned parents the most was the blatant disregard the employees show to the children at the daycare.

"There are children, who are supposed to be in a positive daycare environment, not being treated like they're at the club," one parent wrote.

KENS 5 has reached out to Prodigy Learning Center. The owners, Ken and Lisa Brucks, have confirmed that the daycare has begun the process of firing the employees featured in the video.

In a statement, the owners said that they have “learned of a video of a few of our employees, which was posted on FB and Snapchat earlier today. Prodigy Learning Center does not condone this behavior. For those who know us, know that this matter will be dealt with swiftly and severely for those involved. Child Care Licensing was notified as soon as we were made aware of the incident.“