You were more likely to get robbed or shot in Macon-Bibb during 2017, but less likely to have your car stolen or your home broken into.

The Bibb County Sheriff's office released statistics Tuesday that showed total crime last year was almost flat compared to the previous year.

But they also showed that violent crime took a big jump from 2016, while property crime dropped.

Homicides, rapes, robbery and aggravated assaults all took big jumps last year. Total violent crime increased 19 percent.

Meanwhile, burglaries in Bibb dropped 8.5 percent, and auto thefts dropped 17 percent. Arsons dropped 13 percent while larcenies rose slightly by 2.4 percent.

Total property crimes dropped 2 percent.

Overall, there were 24 fewer crimes last year -- a drop of 0.3 percent.

In 2016, crime countywide dropped 7 percent, and every crime category dropped except for auto thefts.

Aggravated Assault 35641516.57
Violent Crime69482819.31
Auto theft651540-17.05
Property Crime78917733-2.00
Total Crime85858561-0.28