The man accused of killing two Peach County deputies is willing to take a plea deal to avoid the death penalty. Defense attorney Frank Hogue stated in court that Ralph Stanley Elrod is willing to plead guilty to life without the possibility of parole.

Elrod is charged with killing Deputy Daryl Smallwood and Sergeant Patrick Sondron in November 2016. On Tuesday, the state and the defense team presented their arguments on the death penalty.

Hogue argued a motion filed against the death penalty saying in part, "the death penalty is being sought based on the worth and status of the victims."

Prosecutor Cynthia Adams disagreed saying the District Attorney seeks the death penalty based only on the standards of the court system. Adams says the final decision would be up to the jury.

Judge Edgar Ennis did not rule on the motions presented in court. Instead, he gave each side three weeks to prepare their arguments.

Court will resume on February 27th.

No trial date has been set.