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Defibrillator to be donated to Metro Diner after nurses save woman from heart attack

A local group plans to dedicate a defibrillator Monday in honor of the woman that survived.

The Georgia Arrhythmia Foundation plans to donate an external defibrillator to the Metro Diner on Northside Drive, in honor of a woman named Kelly Davis.

On April 6, Kelly Davis went to the restroom, came back to sit in her booth, when she slumped over. That's when Rachel Applegate and her friends jumped into action.

Applegate is used to medical emergencies at work; she's a nurse. But she didn't expect to jump into action at a local diner.

"I look over and I see someone and she's blue," Applegate said. "I started compressions and did what we call in the hospital, 'coded her,' for quite sometime."

Four strangers who all happened to be nurses joined in to save Davis.

"And I thought because I've only been a nurse for a few years that maybe other nurses had experienced that a lot, but one of the nurses that helped has been a nurse for 40 years, and she's never experienced that either," Rachel said.

Davis is now back at work and fully recovered, but in the hours after it happened, her family knew they had to reach out to the folks that helped save her life.

"My daughters said we've got to get in touch with these people because if it weren't for them I wouldn't be here," Davis said.

The next morning after the accident, Applegate came into work as usual, and she was told she had a Miss Kelly Davis as a patient.

"I was like, 'oh my goodness that is my Miss Kelly,' so that was pretty exciting and it still gives me chills," Applegate said.

Applegate went and woke Davis up and introduced herself.

"Just out of all the nurses in Macon it was her, so we've got this very special bond, she's very dear to me, Davis said.

It's a situation neither of them will forget. Applegate says folks like to talk to her about that night, but she's humble.

"I'm just a nurse, just a person, in the right place, at the right time, and I'm glad that I was," Applegate said.

Three of the four nurses reside in the area and the fourth was from Brunswick. None of them knew each other.

The automatic external defibrillator, or AED, will be presented to Metro Diner on Northside Drive at 2 p.m. Monday.

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