Part of the Georgia Power plant in Milledgeville came down with a bang Saturday.

It was a quiet Saturday morning on Lake Sinclair, almost perfect for a trip on the boat or a joyride with your drone.

That peace was interrupted with a boom at 8 a.m. when part of Georgia Power's now-retired Plant Branch building came down in a controlled implosion.

John Granich of Milledgeville didn't mind though. He and his business partner at Advanced Airspace Management used their drones to capture the implosion.

"It was just a nice shot of a building being blown up and a big cloud," said Granich.

The part of the plant that came down Saturday is known as the coal hopper -- it's a large structure that feeds coal right into the energy production process.

It hasn't been functioning in a few years, but from 1965 to 2015, it played a crucial role in keeping the lights on in some Georgia homes.

Saturday's implosion was the second at the site in the past two months. It's part of Georgia Power's plan to dismantle the now-defunct site.

Georgia Power Spokesperson Holly Crawford said part of the decision to close the aging plant was based on environmental concerns.

"It comes down to sometimes...coal, emissions, things of that nature," she said.

Georgia Power will hold on to the property after it's cleared. The company's not yet sure what it'll do with the land.

Granich says whatever they decide, the area won't be the same.

"It's a nostalgia piece...we're going to miss it,” said Granich.