Today is the day three Central Georgia football teams are headed to the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta to battle it out for a championship title.

Hundreds of people gathered at Warner Robins High School Tuesday morning to see the football team head off for its last game of the season.

Its the team's fifth chance at taking home the championship title when they take on Bainbridge at 4:30 p.m.

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The two teams met up earlier in the regular season, with the Demons dominating 38-0. Since then, the Bainbridge Bearcats haven't lost a game

Principal Chris McCook says when the fans show up for the Demon Walk, it motivates the team to keep pushing.

"They get that game day experience like in college that you see a lot of the universities doing. We do it here at school [and] it's become tradition and it's paid off the past two years we've been in the state championship," said McCook.

The school sold almost 2,000 tickets in support of the Demons