The staff from Dr. Curtis Hayslip's Middle Georgia Center for Cosmetic Dentistry are expecting to have a full house on Thursday.

Christa Byrd manages the office and she aims to help those in need of dental care.

"Adult patients over the age of 18 who don't have dental insurance and have never been here to the practice before will be able to get either a free dental cleaning, a tooth extraction, or a filling," Byrd said.

A Georgia State University survey says about 42 percent of Georgians lack dental health insurance.

Financial Coordinator Sheridan Kearns says these basic services can get pricey.

"A cleaning which includes X-rays is normally around $222, a filling can go anywhere from $200-$300. The extractions upwards of $300," Kearns said.

The office sees about 3-4 uninsured patients a day, and people with health insurance don't always know that dental care isn't included.

"You have to purchase your dental insurance separate from your medical insurance for the most part. There are very few plans that will cover both of them," Kearns said.

Dr. Hayslip and two other doctors from the Houston County Health Department and Macon Health Department along with five assistants are volunteering for the event.

Marketing Director Alexa Albritton says she knows they'll do a quality job.

"Dr. Hayslip completely transformed my smile. I have veneers going all the way across the top, so I personally understand, coming from someone who has needed that smile makeover, it definitely changes your life," Albritton said.

They plan on fitting as many appointments as they can, but they'll give out coupons to anyone who may not receive service in time.

Middle Georgia Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is located at 1295 Russell Parkway in Warner Robins.

The office will serve patients on a first-come, first-served basis. They are not making appointments for Thursday.