MACON, Ga. — The Bibb County Sheriff's Office and Macon-Bibb County fire arson units are investigating a suspicious death in south Macon after a body was found inside a house that had previously burned.

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The sheriff's office received a call just before 3 p.m. Monday for a burned body inside a house on Flamingo Drive. Deputies found a man with burns deceased inside a bathtub.

Neighbors in the area have plenty of questions, since the house caught fire more than a month ago on March 16.

"Who checked the house? Who didn't do their job? How can you miss a whole body, I mean, in a tub?" said Valita Taylor, who lives next door.

The home is owned by a man named Roy Thomas and was being used as a boarding house where several River Edge Behavioral Health individuals were staying. River Edge said the house is not affiliated with them.

Taylor said she'd see people coming in and out of the house, but that they never bothered anyone. "They stayed to themselves. They weren't noisy, weren't obnoxious too much," Taylor said.

It was unclear on Monday whether the body was a casualty of the March fire. Coroner Leon Jones said an autopsy would determine the cause of death and the sheriff's office would know how to proceed afterwards. 

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Despite having burns, Jones said the body was identified, but the name was being withheld.