A Macon woman was arrested Thursday after Bibb County deputies said she was misusing 911.

Rhonda Durden, 44, called 911 from Sherwood Arms Apartments on Bloomfield Drive using foul language and racial slurs, according to a Bibb County Sheriff's Office incident report.

The woman told the responding deputy that "her social worker had not put money on her card."

The deputy asked Durden why she called 911 for that and she replied that "she needed her money," the report states.

The deputy then asked Durden why she "cussed out" the 911 dispatcher and used "racial slurs" toward her and Durden denied doing that.

The deputy then confirmed with dispatch that Durden was cussing and using racial slurs towards the dispatcher, the report states.

After he arrested her and put her in his vehicle, Durden "repeatedly yelled a racial slur as loud as she could" alarming some of the residents, the report states.

Durden told the deputy she wanted a lawyer because she "knew her rights" saying she didn't do anything wrong because what she said to the 911 dispatcher was "freedom of speech," the incident report states.