This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Laurens County Deputy, Kyle Dinkheller.

Dinkheller was fatally shot during a traffic stop.

Many people in Laurens County still vividly remember what happened, and a filmmaker, Patrick Shaver, decided to tell the story of those who held Dinkheller close to their hearts.

"He and I were best friends and we were partners for a good long time," says Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum.

20 years ago, Mitchum worked with Kyle Dinkheller on a daily basis at the Laurens County Sheriff's Office.

Even as Mitchum serves as a sheriff, he says he'll never forget his friend.

"He loved to fish, he always kept a fishing pole in his truck, but he loved his job and he was a great guy, really fun guy," says Mitchum.

After a routine traffic stop, Kyle Dinkheller pulled over Andrew Howard Brannan for going 98 miles an hour. In dashcam video, you can see the driver dancing before firing the fatal shots.

"Everybody was pretty much on the edge," says Mitchum."We never experienced anything like that."

Film Director Patrick Shaver says that he can't shake the thought of Dinkheller's final moments.

Wade, Jakie

"His dashcam, til this day, is the most horrific video I've ever seen in my life," says Shaver.

Shaver's film 'Dinkheller' at premiered at Theatre Dublin in January.

"January 12th is actually 20 years to the date of Kyle's death," says Shaver. "We're going to talk about his family a little bit. We're going to talk about the reactions, to his friends, to that day."

The video of Dinkheller's shooting, although painful to watch, held the clues for those seeking justice.

"It was very vital. With Kyle's death, this video was the key for us knowing what happened," says Shaver.


Brannan was a Vietnam veteran and his lawyers argued that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

In 2015, Brannan was executed for Kyle Dinkheller's murder.

The film will be shown at the Hargray Capitol Theatre Saturday at 10 a.m.