The flu season this year has been one of the worst. More than 30 people have died from the flu in Georgia. Cesare Mammarella said all three of his children have the flu that seemed to have spread quickly around their schools. “Even speaking to some of the teachers that our kids attend say they’re sending kids home in droves,” said Mammarella.

He was looking for something at the Willow Tree to make sure that he and his wife stayed healthy. He said it seems like he’s tried everything. “Popping as much Vitamin C and drinking orange, getting some elderberry stuff here at the Willow Tree to help out as much as possible. We’re just reaching now just to keep it contained, but it looks like all three of them are getting over it,” said Mammarella,

“Flu Tea” is the name Melody Faircloth, owner of the Willow Tree located in downtown Macon, gave to her herbal tea. She says she has made this tea for 30 years and it contains over 20 ingredients.

She said she has regular customers that get the tea, but she has seen more customers asking for flu and cold relief this winter. “We’ve had a lot more people come in this flu season,” said Faircloth.

Dr. Roberta Weintraut specialized in holistic medicine. She says that getting a flu shot is the best way to negate your symptoms if you get the flu. She says that the herbs used in Faircloth’s tea can help with aches and pains, but Tamiflu is a better option.