The United States is currently experiencing a severe flu season as the flu remains widespread in most states.

Some turn to medications and the vaccine after being hit by the virus while some turn to home remedies. Many of those remedies have surfaced on social media.

We decided to compile a list wth some of what we've seen so far:

  • Potatoes on feet: In this method, you to take a potato and cut it in half. Then, you put one half in one sock and the other half in the other, leaving them on your feet overnight. It appears that some swear by the healing power of onions as well.
  • Steam inhalation: In this method, you would boil herbs like rosemary, thyme and other herbs of choice in a pot and inhale the steam.
  • Wet sock therapy: Apparently, wearing a pair of wet socks at night may just help? In this method, you would wear wet socks overnight, which is supposed to increase blood flow and circulation.
  • A variety of tea mixtures: Various homemade teas appear to circulate during the flu season. One popular one is a combination of honey, ginger and lemon.

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