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Donor gives $10,000 to Baldwin Sheriffs for Thanksgiving dinner for their families

In "a gift from the heart", an anonymous donor gave money to each deputy for their thanksgiving meal this holiday.

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ga. — The deputies of the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office got a nice surprise when they received an anonymous donation last week in order to buy thanksgiving meals for their families.

In a post to their Facebook page on Tuesday, they said that the donor's only request was that it be used 'towards a thanksgiving feast for our deputies and their families.'

"We just thought that was an unbelievable gift, especially this time of year, with the holidays coming up," said Sheriff Bill Massee.

Massee said the donor gave each employee around $200, which adds up to around $10,000.

"The generosity of this individual has been sort of overwhelming. I mean, its a lot of money," he said.

He also said this is the second year in a row that the donor has done this.

"He wants nothing in return. Its purely a gift from the heart to law enforcement and to our deputies and I cannot tell you how pleased they are to receive this," Massee continued.

He said that he was grateful to the donor for their generosity, and was glad he was getting recognition for the act even though he is anonymous.

"I cant tell you how pleased I am to give some acknowledgment to this donor, event though he's anonymous to all but one or two of my employees, we appreciate it because its a nice way to thank him even though he's unnamed," said Massee.

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is no doubt that the gift meant a lot to each and every employee.


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