MACON, Ga. — A Macon retirement community is housing senior evacuees from Savannah.  

Michael Wozniak has been an artist for more than 20 years. He says painting has been therapeutic for him since he had to evacuate from his retirement home in Savannah.

"Whenever I go some place, I always carry my watercolors," Wozniak said. 

Pinegate General Manager Phillip McClanahan says the the 73-year-old is one of 35 seniors and 12 employees from their company's sister community, River's Edge, who arrived in Macon on Monday night. 

Some of them brought their pets along for the almost five hour ride.

"It can be scary and it can cause some anxiety for them. So, we want to be able to meet all of their other needs so they don't have to feel so much anxiety as a result of the evacuation," McClanahan said. 

The new guests were met with welcome signs, food, and open arms. Wozniak says change is stressful but he is choosing to lean on his faith. 

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"We are hoping for minimal damage. God has a way of taking care of us. We didn't make it this far on hopes and dreams," Wozniak said. 

McClanahan says the home will help get the seniors get back to Savannah when the time comes, but his goal is to make them feel as comfortable and safe as possible for now. That is what matters most for people like Wozniak. 

"I can replace artwork, and I can repaint it, and I can redo everything, and I can buy more clothes, but I can't buy another me," Wozniak said. 

McClanahan says Pinegate has enough supplies to house Savannah evacuees for as long as they need to.  

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