Daylight Donuts opened a Macon location in Macon on Friday across from Mercer University.

The shop will be giving out two free doughnuts per person from Friday until Monday, according to partner Mit Patel.

Patel added that they will make around 1200 doughnuts each day. During this promotion time, the shop will be open from 6:00 a.m. until all of the doughnuts are gone.

The chain offers coffee, espresso, ice cream and doughnuts, of course.

"We have espresso and coffee made from a local grinder in Atlanta," Patel said about the coffee.

He says that all of their products, including the coffee are made fresh.

The shop is located at 1537 Mercer University Drive.As far as regular hours, partner Neal Shah says the staff is still working to decide what is best.

Daylight Donuts was founded in 1954 and has nearly one thousand retail outlets in 28 states, according to its website.