With all of the people coming into town this weekend to celebrate Gregg Allman's life, we decided to reach out to downtown businesses to see how they are preparing for all the visitors.

13WMAZ’s Mary Grace Shaw stopped by some of the restaurants that Gregg was known to go to.
“People from all over the world come to see us,” says H&H General Manager, Drew Jennings.

It was the Allman Brothers Band that Jennings says made their southern cuisine a food destination.

“They know they can come in and get a bite to eat at the H&H like the Allman Brothers did,” says Jennings.

The restaurant is full of signs and pictures of the band over the years.

“This was just like their home. They could come in here and get a home-cooked meal, and they were just like a normal person when they came in,” says Jennings.

He says even though they are expecting large crowds for Gregg Allman's funeral, they plan to keep the same family-style environment.

“We'll definitely be staffed up. We don’t have a huge room. We can seat 60-65 people, but we're going to do as best as we can to get people in and out,” says Jennings.

We went down the road to The Rookery, another spot Gregg was known to go and eat at.

“Gregg and Chank would come in here a lot and eat fried mushrooms,” says The Rookery’s General Manager, Matthew Newton.

He says they are planning on serving a lot of Allman burgers.

“We're expecting a lot of VIPs in this weekend and just really excited the opportunity to feed these folks in a place that Gregg and Chank frequented,” says Newton.

Newton says they only real change they are making is bringing in more help.

They are even keeping their "first come, first served" policy.

“The last reservation I took was actually for Gregg,” says Newton.

Even though he may no longer be stopping by for a plate of barbecue or a burger, Gregg is continuing to bring people to Macon which both restaurants say they are thankful for.

“It's a great time to expose our city, and it's great that Gregg’s able to help us out once again,” says Jennings.

As a way of saying thank you to Allman, Newton says they are offering a special burger with grilled peaches on it in Allman’s memory.

It is called the "Eat a Peach burger" after the Allman Brothers’ album.