One well-known restaurant in downtown Macon recently came under new ownership.

The previous owner of the restaurant, Cesare Mammeralla, took over the Tic Toc Room nearly 20 years ago.

The restaurant will now be run by the chief founding officer, David Fullman from Queens, New York, the head chef and co-owner, Michael Galloway who's from north Georgia and general manager and co-owner, Josh Howard who was born and raised in Macon.

The new owners say they plan to take the Tic Toc Room back to its roots from when it was know as Miss Ann's Tic Tic Room back in the 1950's.

The restaurant will get a basic upgrade as far as its physical appearance is concerned and the owners plan to take the entertainment to the next level.

"We're bringing live music back, definitely a piano player," Howard said. "They'll also be some jazz and we'll start with offering the live music on the weekends," he said. The restaurant has an upstairs area where the live music will be featured on a stage.

Galloway says there will also be new food and bar menus rolling out soon as they move the Tic Toc Room from French Contemporary to more of a Southern Contemporary feel.

The previous owner, Cesare Mammerella, is a well-known entrepreneur who's owned several businesses in the downtown area. He says the sell comes after he and his wife started reassessing some plans last year. The couple decided it was time to spend more time with their children and leave more time for family life.

Shortly after the reassessment, he sold what was formerly known as Ginger Stir-Fry back in August to a couple who reopened the restaurant as Oliver's Corner Bistro.

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He says that's when he started to get a few inquiries about his other restaurants and finalized the sell of Brasserie Circa back in November.

Even with the most recent sell of the Tic Toc Room, Mammerella still owns Bearfoot Tavern and the Emerson Ballroom, both located in downtown Macon.

After living in Macon for 20 years, he says he is ready for a new challenge. He and his wife are considering moving abroad for a couple of years before their children get to a certain age.

Moreover, he says his time in Macon has been fruitful and challenging.

"I am thankful for the opportunity and support I've gotten over the years from the Middle Georgia community," he said.

Mammerella says for now, he will continue his work at his existing businesses.

The Tic Toc Room, located at 408 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, is rich with history.

Many well-known artists including James Brown, The Allman Brothers, Little Richard and Otis Redding have performed at the restaurant over the years.