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Driving Me Crazy!: Potholes on Macon's Plant Street make for a bumpy ride

Linda Johnson can't avoid Plant Street because she moved to a house right beside it two years ago.

MACON, Ga. — Traveling around Central Georgia, we know all the trouble spots. They’re places where driving is difficult, or even dangerous.

For one Macon woman, it's a road she has to travel every day -- Plant Street near Mercer University Drive. She says it's never a smooth ride because it needs repairs.

"We've got holes in it! We got holes in the road," said Linda Johnson. "It messes up our cars, and I've cut my tires several times with these holes in the road."

Johnson can't avoid Plant Street because she moved to a house right beside it two years ago.

"They were doing some work on the road when I first moved here, and then they stopped," she said.

She says something needs to be done.

"I want them to improve the street over here, especially for the elders and the handicapped people. They have to catch the bus and use their walkers and their scooters to ride," said Johnson. "If they don't improve it... I guess I'll just live on a prayer."

13WMAZ reached out to Macon-Bibb County about the potholes on Plant Street.

They say they haven't been able to repave the roads yet because Tindall Fields is working on new developments, but they plan to once they're done.

"That makes me feel good, because they're letting me know they're working on it over here. It's in the making, that's good," said Johnson.

Until then...

"I want everybody to just drive safely and just watch the holes over here in the road on Plant," she said.

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