Members of Greater New Friendship Baptist Church are mourning the loss of two members after the fiery wreck that killed three in Macon Tuesday.

Pastor Nathan Amest says a car and a van which was carrying 15 people from his congregation who were traveling to Macon.

"We are weak at this time, but God gives us strength," said Amest.

Amest received a call Tuesday night that no one would want.

"I was thinking that they had made it to the church. I was supposed to be preaching a revival at Lundy Chapel, and he called and told me that they had a serious car accident and that one of them had died," said Amest.

Later, another church member died.

The victims were 81-year-old Marjorie Jones and 84-year-old Deacon Robert Day.

Amest reflected on the woman Jones was.

"She kept post every Sunday. She was a great lady, a spiritual lady, and I appreciate the legacy she left behind with her family," says Amest.

He says that Day will be equally as missed.

"He was just a great man, quiet man, and I know he would do whatever he could in his power for a person if they asked him," says Amest.

He says both families are holding on right now and need prayer.

As for the driver behind the wheel of the 18-wheeler, 49-year-old Gerard Thompson is accused of causing the wreck that killed two members of Amest's congregation.

"I want him to know that we don't feel no type of way against him. We love him and we forgive him," says Amest.

Thursday night at 7 p.m., Greater New Friendship Baptist Church on Highway 19 in Dublin will host a vigil for the victims.