DUBLIN, Ga. — Dublin High School's cooking team heats up the kitchen in hopes that their buffalo chicken wrap will win big.

It'll be Shamequa Ervin's first time competing at the state competition.

"I'm really nervous, it just feels like a lot of pressure is going to be on us to win," she said.

Ervin is one of the three team members competing for the state Department of Education's student chef nutrition competition.

"We had to come up with the recipe. We had to have two Georgia grown products. It was really hard to make the recipe up," Ervin said.

Their teacher Denise Strickland says it's a lot more than just making sure the food tastes good.

"According to the guidelines, there are certain things that have to be Georgia Grown. I believe the things in the recipe that are Georgia grown are the Bibb lettuce, the carrots, the celery and the chicken," Strickland said.

The team will be judged on presentation, meeting the school National Lunch Program and whether the meal can be easily produced by the school food service operation. 

Ervin says precision is key.

"You got to chop the meat up the same way the vegetables got to be the same, they can't just be one big, one small, one short, one long, they all have to be the same size," she said.

Her teammate Jazmyne Myricks says getting the buffalo flavor right is most important.

"The amount of seasoning and sauce you put in there, it has to be accurate every time because one little step can mess up the whole recipe," Myricks said.

The top three teams will win scholarships from Sullivan University in Louisville, Kentucky.

The state competition is on March 14 at Hutchings College and Career Academy in Macon.