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Dublin math teacher goes virtual, uses YouTube to help teach students and parents

Third grade math teacher Joshua White says he is always looking for new ways to help his students learn

DUBLIN, Ga. — When it comes to adding, subtracting, and multiplying, some kids are not always running to do their homework. So one Dublin teacher is motivating his students with some help from YouTube.

Third grade math teacher Joshua White says sometimes his students and even parents don't understand the math homework he sends home. So he decided to use his cell phone to record videos to help his students get an A+ on their homework assignments. 

"You only have three donuts, could you give me nine donuts?" White said, as he teaches his students at Hillcrest Elementary.

It's not uncommon to see him helping students out.

"One time I had this hard problem on division, and Mr. White saved me, because I really did not know division," Michon Lewis-Ross said.

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His reason why is simple.

"The things I enjoy most about children, are the day-to-day interaction with the kids, getting to talk with kids, building that relationship and seeing them grow," White said. 

White is a Macon native, but now teaches third grade math at Dublin's Hillcrest Elementary. During his first year, White wanted to create a way for students to engage with the material.

"One of the things I do is I go over our homework or one at least tough problem on YouTube," White said. 

He's not joking around. White created his own YouTube channel to teach students at home. 

"It is cool, and it helps me a lot with my homework," student Joshua Brown said.

"Because when I basically do not know the problem, I go on YouTube and it helps me," said another student, Caylee Mcgill.

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White uses his iPhone to record videos on division, subtraction, addition, and multiplication.

"And they are pretty excited about that. This morning I had three or four kids walk up to me saying, 'I saw your video last night, I saw your video last night,' not that they are looking at me at home, but when they are home working towards their goals, and they are continuously learning," White said. 

White says the videos have also taught parents how to work out the problem, showing them with a little help, you'll always find a solution.

White says he is ready to bring some other new ideas to the classroom, but he would not share them with us.

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