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Dublin pastor crafts pens as way to minister, form relationships with others

Pastor Wes Pinkley often prays for the people he plans to give a pen to

DUBLIN, Ga. — We first met Pastor Wes Pinkley when we visited Poplar Springs Baptist Church this year.

"We're a southern church, but we're well older than the Southern Baptist Convention," he said.

He's a pastor who likes to give away presents.

"Other than spend my time in scripture, I just come out here and make stuff," he described.

At home in his backyard, he works with chunks of trees.

"I'm going to go with the Bethlehem olive wood," he said picking up a rectangle of wood. "There really is a Bethlehem and this comes from where Jesus was born -- I've got a certificate."

Pinkley drills down on his faith and his hobby as he crafts beautiful handmade pens, "And I often think, 'Jesus was a carpenter and this is carpentry,' so I kind of relate it to that," he chuckled.

This was a natural fit for Wes. His grandfather liked to putz around and fix things, and one day, one of Wes' parishioners gifted him a lathe.

Wes could have made anything with his lathe, but pens -- well, they make a point.

"A lot of times when I'm making a pen, I'll pray for the person I'm intending to give the pen to. It's not the whole time, but I'll say, 'This is someone special in my life and I want to do something special to tell them I care,'" he said sincerely.

He figures he's made about a thousand of them.

Wood pens take about 45 minutes to make, and plastic ones take a little longer.

"This is my form of doing artwork, and as God as created these woods, and I go, 'This is awesome -- I get to see the grains and the textures,'" he said with a smile.

People have deep relationships with their pastors, so to get a gift that a man of faith handcrafted for you is pretty special.

"Some of the older ladies that have gotten some will come to me and they'll hold up their pen and wave it at me every now and then, saying, 'Hey, I got my pen with me,'" he said, which sounds pretty perfect.

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