Friday afternoon, cheerleaders and football players from Trinity Christian School brought some "extra pep" to the Dublin Place retirement home.

Not many of the residents can attend football games anymore, so they got all the spirit of Friday night football brought straight to them.

"It warmed my heart because they were all so sweet and like real excited that we came. They all had pom poms and were shaking them," says cheerleader, Anna Coble.

"Some of them don't get to get out very much, so it was fun to just kind of come out here and give back," says football player, Kian Taylor.

Kim Hall and Jo Cammack with Dublin Place and Serenity Hospice say they planned the event for their residents who can no longer make it out to football games.

"We wanted to bring a little bit of that spirit back to them," says Hall.

So they invited a different group of "seniors" out to the home.

The group spent the afternoon doing cheers, playing games, and mingling with new friends from different generations.

Grady Campbell and his wife live at Dublin Place and they were part of the team that founded Trinity Christian School in the 1960s.

"I just like watching them and thinking about how they've benefited from where they are," says Campbell.

The room was full of smiles, as seniors remembered what it felt like to be under the Friday night lights.

Hall says she hopes to make this an annual event.