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'People can visibly see a difference': Dublin to plant 1,000 trees for a more peaceful atmosphere

Mayor Joshua Kight says he hopes this is just the first step in Dublin's beautification plans

DUBLIN, Ga. — Something's growing in Dublin -- 1,000 trees.

Dublin Mayor Joshua Kight created the initiative to bring a little more green into the city.

For Kight, it's about planting for the future and investing in the community, "But then, from the trees itself, you get that essential thing you need, which is shade," he said.

Kight says a lot of the trees they're planting are oak trees. The reason for oaks is that they take longer to mature. He says the oak is a symbol of a long-term commitment to Dublin.

"You're doing it because you believe in the long-term health and viability of the community, and that you want something better, not just for you as you live here now, but for your kids and your grandkids," Kight said.

Lindsay Neumann is the chair of the Tree Board, a city-run group involved in the process.

"Overall, there's studies that when there's tree planted in urban environments, there's a reduction in crime and just a healthier life for people," Neumann said.

Trees have many benefits like reducing stress and air pollution.

"We asked the tree board to go around and just survey the city and find streets that were lacking in trees or where trees were dead and needed to be removed or replaced," Kight said.

"From a city perspective, we'll focus on parks and right-of-ways to provide shade for people, but really, we want citizen involvement in this, so we're open to any suggestions as well," Neumann said.

So why the number 1,000?

"You can plant a few trees here and a few trees there, but if you plant a thousand trees, then that's something that people can visibly see a difference," Kight said.

Kight hopes the new roots can grow to bring some new life and energy to the Emerald City. Kight says he hopes this is just the first step in Dublin's beautification plans.

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