ID=74067202The Georgia Supreme Court upheld the sentence of a man in Laurens County for the 2005 murder of a 17-month-old baby girl.

According to a news release, 26-year-old Jaworski Dune Kellam, described as a friend of the family, was babysitting A'Trevia Davis while her mom was at work August 17, 2005.

The mom said she left the baby with Kellam the day before as well for babysitting. The baby appeared to be healthy before she left for work.

Later, Kellam told the mother he had been playing with the baby normally, bouncing her up and down and throwing her on the bed. He then left the room, he said, so she could take a nap.

When he came back, he said she wouldn't wake up and her eyes were rolled back in her head. Kellam knocked at a neighbor's door and asked for help. CPR was administered to the baby, but with no luck.

Kellam and the neighbor rushed the baby to a Dublin hospital. Hospital officials administered CPR again, but shortly after, Davis was pronounced dead.

The release states the nurses noticed injuries to Davis' wrists, neck and a swollen abdomen. They also saw fresh cuts that had likely happened within the hour.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation medical examiner performed an autopsy and testified at trial in addition to the swelling and cuts, an internal exam showed bleeding within the abdomen, severe injuries to the baby's liver and hemorrhaging around the kidneys and stomach. The medical examiner also said the baby had lost about 20 percent of her blood, and said the injuries to the abdomen were caused by a "tremendous" amount of blunt force, consistent with having been punched by a clinched fist, severely kicked or having been in a car wreck.

Following a two-day trial, the jury convicted him of murder and cruelty to children.

Under Georgia's "Three Strikes" Law, Kellam was sentenced as a repeat offender to life without the possibility of parole.

Kellam did not testify at trial.