DUBLIN, Ga. — Hurricane Dorian evacuees already have enough worries, and often times hotel costs are a part of that mix.

So when it seemed Fairfield Inn’s prices were going for almost triple its standard price, it didn’t look so good for the city.

Michelle Gardner has stayed in Dublin a few times over the last three years to escape from hurricanes.

“I’m from Savannah, Georgia, and my daughter and I we always evacuate. We just don’t take a chance with our life," Gardner said.

She’s quite familiar with the hotel prices.

"If you heard $600 a night for one of these hotels here in Dublin, what would your reaction be?," 13WMAZ Reporter Pepper Baker asked.

"I would just walk off and say a few things under my breath," Gardner said.

One evacuee reacted on social media and posted the Fairfield Inn and Suite’s prices listed on a third-party booking website. 

The price listed was $499, but with taxes and fees that added up to nearly $600.

Once Dublin Mayor Phil Best’s office got word of it, they immediately called the hotel.

"We don’t want folks treated that way in Dublin and we were informed by the management of the hotel that it was a mistake and that they don’t set the prices in town and that it was set somewhere else, but they immediately lowered the price back to their normal rate," Dublin City Manager Lance Jones said.

The owner Raj Saxena says the hotel’s rates are set by their corporate office, not at the local level.

They planned to change the price to $149 a night, but someone in the corporate office entered the wrong code, making the price jump up to nearly three times the amount. 

Jones says he is glad it was mistake.

"We don’t want people treated that way, we want them to feel welcomed and safe when they get here," Jones said.

Saxena says the prices are back to its normal rates of $149. 

He says none of their guests were charged the wrong price.

Jones says any evacuees who feel unfairly treated can contact the Mayor’s office at 478-272-1620.

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