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'We all stand together:' Veterans at Dublin VA talk about Independence Day

Their words are a constant reminder to remember our men and woman in uniform who keep us free

DUBLIN, Ga. — Some people celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks or cookouts, but veterans at the Dublin Carl Vinson VA took the day to remember the reason for the holiday. 

13WMAZ spoke to a few veterans about why they cherish Independence Day.

"I don't have anything bad to say about this country because some places we go, they do not have the freedoms that we have," Willard Ross. 

At the Carl Vinson VA, veterans like Ross are thankful we are free.

"If I had to serve again, I would go back again," Ross said. 

Veteran Lester Porter says they made the best choice to fight for our country.

"This is the Danube -- our squad was the first ones across again," Porter said.

Porter served in the Army during World War II, so not only does he celebrate our independence, but the lives of the soldiers who laid everything on the line.

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic to which it stands... for liberty and justice for all. I've seen the liberty and justice of people lying in the road," Porter said. 

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No matter who you ask, most veterans feel the same.

"We all stand together no matter what. We learn from our mistakes, we are not perfect, our government is not perfect, but we still stand together back to back," Miles Edes said.

Their words are a constant reminder to remember our men and woman in uniform who keep us free.

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