Love is in the air this summer, and two ducks, Henry and Henrietta, have waddled into our hearts.

Nicole Butler spoke with the woman who found the pair after they faced a "fowl" couple of weeks.

It was a slow day at Middle Georgia State University, when administrative assistant Becky Carlisle found two Peking ducks abandoned at their campus' pond.

So she went to Facebook to share her thoughts.

" Peking ducks are pets! They cannot survive in the wild," Carlisle says.

So Carlisle says she got a little quacky and decided to go capture and rescue the two lovebirds, naming them Henry and Henrietta.

She says Peking ducks cannot survive in the wild because they can't reach the food at the bottom of the pond.

"Actually, we are having summer camp for little kids right now. They were kind of just living off of the generosity of 3 to 5-year-olds," Carlisle says.

But that wasn't the only "fowl" problem the couple faced. Injuring her leg, Henrietta was a sitting duck. She couldn't even walk to get to get to the shade or water to cool down, but Henry's love never wavered.

Carlisle says ducks mate for life, and she could tell Henry was in distress unable to help his girl, so when Carlisle took Henrietta away, it really ruffled his feathers.

"He cussed us out taking his lady away and he tried to protect her," she says.

After taking Henrietta to get help, grabbing a box, she returned for Henry.

"I couldn't find him at first, and I know he was looking for his mate. He wanted to know where we took her," Carlisle says.

Finally capturing him, she says reuniting the two went swimmingly.

"They started tweeting and singing to each other and it was very sweet! I bet he thought, 'How am I going to get back to the pond to get my lady?' But when I delivered her to him, he was the happiest duck in the world," Carlisle says.

Henry and Henrietta are currently together at the Rock on Rescue of Middle Georgia where Henrietta is getting rehab for her injury.