Every day, hardworking folks all over Central Georgia get up before the sun comes up.

They are Early Risers, hard at work while you're still snoozing.

From the Waffle House to the garbage truck, this month Meteorologist Hunter Williams has been highlighting the work of Early Risers.

This week, he’s at the C.B. Watson Primary School cafeteria with nutrition manager James Bryant.

Q: This is Early Risers. What time do you get up in the morning and what time do you come to work?
A: I get up at 4 a.m. and get into work around 5 a.m.

Q: How many students do you serve on a daily basis and how much food does that take?
A: We have about 500 kids that are enrolled in school. We feed about 460-470 breakfast; we feed around 495 lunch. We go through probably 24 pepperoni pizzas at a time and that’s just one of the menu items. Lately with the ham and cheese sliders, we do about 150 of those.

Q: Pepperoni pizza is one of my personal favorites. What are some of the other popular meals you have?
A: The meatloaf that we just incorporated into the menu. For breakfast, we have mini French toast sticks and also different flavor pancakes.

To see Hunter and James make biscuits, check out the video above.