Every day, hard working folks all over Central Georgia get up before the sun comes up.

They are Early Risers, hard at work while you're still snoozing.

For the next several weeks, Meteorologist Hunter Williams will introduce you to them and show us the hard work they do in the dark so your day can get off to a bright start.

This morning, we find Hunter serving 'em up scattered, smothered, and covered with manager William Bond at Waffle House #2036 on Gray Highway.

Q: When do you get up? When do you come in? What are the details of your shift?

A: I’m up about 5 a.m., I’m rocking out until about 5:45 a.m., and I come in between 6-6:30 a.m. We do a shift change – we get night shift out, they’ve been here for around 10 hours so they’re ready to go home.

Q: You say rocking out…what is the tactic that gets you amped up to come to work?

A: I gotta dance it out! I get up and have a party

Q: What is it about working at Waffle House that makes it worth it for you to get up so early?

A: I get to have fun with all of my customers that come in. You’ve got a crazy bunch that come in here. We’re ready to entertain, we’re ready to cut-up, we’re ready to dance. They even rock it out here!

Q: What do you do once you get off… what’s your routine to get geared up for another day?

A: I’m a fat guy, so I gotta go eat. That’s my first priority when I leave. I go find something incredible too eat, I enjoy it, I hang out for a bit and then I go home and unwind.

Q: What is your go to order at Waffle House?

A: The chicken hashbrown bowl. Chicken, double hashbrowns – scattered, double covered, smothered… it’s amazing. You should come try it out!