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'He kept us intact': East Laurens mourns student killed in wreck

East Laurens High School is mourning senior Carlos Graves, who died in a car wreck Tuesday night.

DUBLIN, Ga. — East Laurens High School is mourning senior Carlos Graves, after he was killed in a car accident Tuesday night. The 17-year-old along with three other students were involved in the wreck.

In Memory of 'Family Career and Community Leaders of America' president Carlos Graves is what you'll see on the back of FCCLA members shirts. 

One of the members of FCCLA Mason Frost says, "he was always trying to encourage us to do our complete best don't do anything half."

The group created a memorial board to honor his 'incredible leadership.' 

Another member, Kezariuna Adams, says "he would have been a great president. He's outspoken he's sociable he knew how to lead a group. He knew how to keep stuff in tact he kept us in tact." 

Graves participated in many activities. He was in FFA, on the soccer team, and played e-sports. 

Angela Brazeal, the FCCLA Advisor, knew Graves since he was a freshman. She says he showed what it meant to be a leader.

"His willingness to help, taking initiative, assessing the situation and just being there," Brazeal said. 

Some of the ways people described Graves included the words 'gentleman' and 'charismatic'. They said he had smile that could light up a room.

"He would always help me with my luggage when we went on a trip and he was the only person who could carry my luggage because I couldn't get it off the bus," Adams said. 

"He was always being nice to any and everybody he saw making sure they felt included. He was never going to leave anybody out," Frost said. 

He will be remembered by his peers as someone who worked hard and made a positive difference.

 "I hope the young people realize that life is short and I think it is very important for students to realize what is it that they can not only participate in but what they can give back," Brazeal said.

A memorial will be held for Graves at 2 p.m. on Friday, at the Chan Stanley Memorial Chapel. 

East Laurens High School students are welcome to attend, but they need a parent's permission to leave school early.


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