Employees of Cherokee Pines Golf Course and their members are trying to save the 18-hole course in Perry.

The Course has been open in Perry since the early 1950s. But this summer, Director of Golf Jack Dean says the 140-acre course hit into a hazard.

“We had some bad luck over the summer, we had some equipment break down and the golf course kind of got away from us a little bit, but we're trying to bring it back,” Dean said.

Dean says in June they couldn't cut grass and some members left for other courses. He also said there’s a lot of local competition for not as many golfers.

Cherokee Pines in Perry

Since then, they've hired a new groundskeeper and made the course pretty again. So they're asking people to buy memberships to come back to the fairways.

“I'm going to go ahead and say we're going to get these 100 members. We're going to save this golf course,” Dean said on the fairway.

So far, they have 30 of their needed 100 new members. The owners have given management until mid-January to get the rest.

Phillip Moore has been a member for 18 years and his home borders the 15th green. He says the community should lend their support.

“To protect this place, this is a great green space in the middle of the city of Perry. It's easy to get to from everywhere, it's just a great golf course and there's a lot of good people here,” Moore said while golfing.

Cherokee Pines in Perry

Moore says he's concerned about the course closing because of the potential impact it would have on his home and what’s around it.

Memberships cost $60 to $100 a month. $60 memberships include the social things like the pool, gym, and restaurant. $100 memberships include the social elements and actual golf access for the family.

Dean says it's a good gift for the holidays.

“Get outdoors, too many kids are on their computers and laptops and phones and it'd be a great way to get outdoors with your family,” He explained.

So, they'll spend the holidays trying to get the course out of the rough.

Cherokee Pines is located at 1000 Country Club Road in Perry.