Many Olympians have to overcome obstacles, pushing to beat their personal best or fight injuries.

But as one Everyday Olympian told Nicole Butler, no matter the struggle, he always keeps his focus on bringing home blue ribbons.

12-year-old James McNeal and his cow didn't always spend their afternoons this way, and James didn't always get around this way.

His life changed at 3 years old. He was paralyzed during a surgery for a congenital condition called dwarfism.

Mobility was a challenge, but not a roadblock to pursuing his passion.

"In FFA at my school, they showed pigs, but pigs are really, really hard to show for, like, people in wheelchairs basically because sometimes they'll run away," James says.

His mom says persistence lead James to Georgia.

"He loves Georgia so much! He wants to come work her every day and he just wants to love on her, and aside from walking her and working her and bathing her and the things he has to do, he just loves being with her," mother Brandi McNeal says.

Practicing religiously, James wants to prove they're the pair to bring home the gold!

"Some people may look at James and think he could never do that, but like I said, when sets his mind to something, he's going to give it his all," McNeal says.

And in his first show, "I tried my best and I got first," he says.

But he won't stop there!

"Whatever the judges say I need to work on, work on that for a couple weeks or months and just keep on working hard for next show. I get really excited to hopefully win more and more," James says.

They're a tight-knit pair, but look closer -- their bond goes deeper.

Georgia was also born with a form of dwarfism.

"I just love that she's small enough so I don't have this giant cow next to me," James says.

The two just go together.

"Yep, she understands me and she just walks with me, and I just love her so much," he says.

It's a bond James believes will take them to the top of the competition!

James and Georgia compete again February 16th. James says he looks forward to win more medals with Georgia by his side.