During the 2016 Olympics, the "Final Five" USA Gymnastics team soaked up the spotlight as they took home the gold.

Watching those women inspired a Warner Robins gymnast's dream to one day represent the American flag.

Cirie Hawkins would not be the first in her family to stand proudly for the red, white, and blue.

11-year-old Cirie Hawkins prepares for another long day at the gym, dressed in a reminder of where she's headed.

"I saw the Olympics on TV and I was like, 'I wanna try that,'" Cirie says.

She puts in the time and effort to prove the haters wrong, inspired by her role model.

"Simone Biles is really small and people didn't believe in her, but I'm small and people don't believe in me sometimes, but when I throw skills, they're, like, amazed," Cirie says.

She spends her time flipping and tumbling for at least four hours, five days a week.

She gets tunnel vision as she sets her eyes on the prize!

"Time just flies by," Cirie says.

But her dad says the stunts don't stop there!

"If she gets to the gym and she can't get something, she comes home and she works extra hard to make sure she gets it. Over my furniture everywhere, anywhere she can practice, she does it," Freddie Hawkins says.

And this determination landed her a perfect score!

"I wasn't expecting a 10," Cirie says.

"She was about to cry and I was about to cry -- it was just amazing," Hawkins remembers.

Her motivation, "I just thought about my mom and squeezed every muscle in my body," she says.

Her mother can't be there for all her meets, currently serving overseas in the Air Force, so Cirie pushes herself to make her mother, and one day, her country, proud!

And with each win, "Countless amounts of medals every time we come from a competition -- they are just clacking all over the vehicle as we are coming home," Hawkins laughs.

She's getting a taste of the gold and a hunger to one day win the real thing.

"Nothing's going to stand in my way from being the best because I really like gymnastics, and gymnastics is like my everything, so no matter what people say, no matter what people do, I'm still going to do gymnastics and prove it to them that they can't tell me what I can't do," Cirie says.

Cirie is always thinking about her future as a gymnast. She has even picked out colleges that she would like to attend.

Her first choice is getting a scholarship on LSU's gymnastics team.

We want to wish Cirie good luck as she heads out to her next competition on February 9th in Atlanta!