Mooove over! The Georgia National Fair is finally in town.

Marketing Director Keaton Walker says a big part of getting ready is prepping for the livestock shows.

"Some things that we do are clean the barns, bring in brand new fresh shavings to each of the barns so when the animals get here they have a brand new fresh bed, so there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes," she said.

Walker says each of the owners are responsible for making sure their animals are fed every day.

But how many animals are we talking?

Let's break it down. There will be 900 cattle, 650 horses, 1650 rabbits, 965 swine, 847 goats, and 405 sheep -- that's almost 5,500 animals!

For the 11 days the fair is in town, they'll eat over 125,000 pounds of feed. That's more than 60 tons.

To better visualize that number, imagine the food filling up an fairground arena two and a half times.

"Nutrition is a big part of showing livestock. These animals are on a very strict regime diet," Walker said.

But don't worry, just like humans, the animals get a cheat day every once in a while.

"For example, like the pigs, their owners will sneak them a marshmallow or two every once in a while or even a honey bun, and a lot of them use it as incentives. They want to make sure they are treated right and they really kinda spoil them while they have them," Walker said.

Walker says there are a lot of other animals to check out as well, like sea lions, a giraffe, and even sharks.