We continue to follow the story of Troy Johnson, the paraplegic man who was found dead last Friday in the woods in Upson County.

Johnson's funeral was held today.

"His fathers dead his mothers dead.. so he's leaving his earthly family to go on and be with his heavenly family," says his aunt, Sharon Rumph.

Dozens of people came out to show their love and support for Troymaine Johnson's family as they laid him to rest.

His aunt Sharon Rumph remembers Troymaine as a young man who was very well known and loved in Fort Valley.

"It's sad that he left here at such an early age, but I believe that God is too wise to make a mistake," Rumph says.

But while some mourn the loss... others celebrated his life.

"I mean walking down the street he didn't even have to know you he would just say something stupid to just it was just always fun because we knew what kind of person he was. You didn't even have to know him, but you just loved him because he was himself and that's probably what we're going to miss the most," says his cousin, Sade' Owens.

Cousin Sade Owens says they were a tight knit family, going over to their grandmas house every night to see each other.

One part she always looked forward to was Troy's passion for rapping.

"Just rapped whenever he got a chance... he didn't even know.. he could just see somebody and start rapping about them right off the top. Everybody loved 80 baby.. everybody loved him," Owens says.

His family said that despite being in a wheelchair... he was never too busy to help someone in need.

Upson county sheriff Dan Kilgore says they're still investigating Johnson's death, and a woman who allegedly left him in the woods at a hunting camp has NOT been charged.

Kilgore says they're still awaiting Johnson's autopsy results, which may take another week.