Rose Hill Cemetery has been packed this weekend as Macon says goodbye to music legend Gregg Allman.

On Saturday at his funeral, fans gathered on the hill to witness the burial service. On Sunday, some came back to get a closer look at the famous gravesite, next to his brother Duane and band member Berry Oakley.

Dozens of people came in and out of Rose Hill to stop by and pay their respects to Allman.

Some fans stopped to take pictures of the grave and others reminisced with fellow fans.

Erin Doherty says she came by the grave site for a final goodbye to the man she says changed her life.

“They saved my life. Their music means so much to me. I was in a really dark time and their music helped me out, and I’ve been following them for 25 years now. Very grateful for everything they’ve done,” said Doherty.

Melanie Stallings also came from out of town for Allman's funeral.

Stallings says she came to visit the grave today because it was too packed to get close to it yesterday.

“It's an absolutely beautiful location. I couldn’t think of a better place for them to be, and it’s kind of nice that at least part of the band is back together again and it’s absolutely beautiful,” said Stallings.