LAURENS CO. — People in Laurens County are getting some much-needed relief from the federal government starting Thursday.

That's because the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is bringing in resources to help those affected by Hurricane Michael.

"It was kind of scary, but we lived through it," Lynne Towson said.

Townson rode out the storm near Stubbs Park and says Michael didn't spare her property.

"A second round of wind came through, and it literally sheared out carport in two, so that's where we received the minor damage to our vehicles," Towson said.

So now FEMA is stepping in and helping out, because EMA Director Don Bryant says the county has exhausted its resources.

"We go to the state and say we need help, this storm has just been a little bit more then we can handle," Bryant said.

Once FEMA steps in -- and if your application is approved -- they can help with housing, home repair, and damage to essential household items.

This assistance also covers disaster-related childcare, medical and essential vehicle expenses.

What FEMA is also going to be doing is going through neighborhoods all throughout Laurens County, and surveying the damage done by Hurricane Michael.

FEMA will hand out instructions on how you can sign up for disaster assistance and Bryant is asking people in the county to be patient.

"It's a pretty drawn out process, but let me encourage you, don't get discouraged from it, try to follow the program, and something that can fit the needs you have," Bryant said.

While the cleanup continues, Towson says she is happy more assistance is on the way.

"I think it's great, in other areas, there was a lot of damage," Towson said.

You apply for assistance on FEMA's website or dial 1-800-621-3362