A new law will change how beer is sold in Georgia. The Macon Beer Company is holding an event to celebrate it.

A new craft breweries law in Georgia will allow them to sell beer straight to customers instead of through a retailer. Jeremy Knowles with the beer company says before they could only sell tickets for the public to tour their site and give out samples.

"A lot of times people didn't want that, they just wanted the beer, so that gives us the ability to really change our business model and focus on getting people here and getting people to stay here,” says Knowles.

So the Macon Beer Company and Goodwill Industries will partner to raffle off a chance to pour the first pint and win tickets to a restaurant run by their culinary students. Goodwill says for them it is all about supporting job growth and the hospitality industry in Central Georgia.

"It's really important to us as we operate hospitality venues here in Georgia. We have 2 restaurants, 2 conference centers, and a culinary school. The new law is important to the hospitality industry, so therefore it's important to us," says Vicki Mills, the Goodwill Marketing Director.

An important change that will allow the beer business to really get brewing in Central Georgia.

"With the law changes, it really gives us more outlets to sell so with that it's easy to go over the volume of beer. When we brew we brew a lot of beer so we need to be able to get it out and sold, so this just gives us more avenues to do that,” says Knowles.

The Macon Beer Company says they will be extending their hours and hiring more people. The drawing for the raffle will be on August 31st during the final tasting and tour at the Macon Beer Company. Tickets are $10 and go on sale at the brewery and at Edgar's Bistro on Eisenhower Parkway.

Now, this new law will allow beer-makers to sell 'limited quantities' of their beer straight from their breweries to the consumers. It caps brewery sales at 3.000 barrels or 93,000 gallons annually.

The company says along with the new law they'll be extending their hours and hiring more employees to support the growing business.