A senior at Macon's First Presbyterian Day School is leading an effort to fight a chronic disease in honor of her grandfather.

Nicole Butler met Sadie Frame, who wants to contribute to the fight against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

"I can't thank him enough for all that he's done. I'm gonna get teary-eyed, but you can't explain in words what he does to someone's life," Sadie cries.

Sadie's inspiration is her grandfather.

Rolling onto the track, First Presbyterian track coach Dick Frame says it is his little slice of heaven.

"Getting out on the track is a real thrill for me every year. It gave me a release, put me in a different world, a world that I loved," Frame says.

It's a world he knows all too well, running track from junior high through college.

Not finishing there, he moved on to coach track and field at FPD for 40 years.

But about ten years ago, his health started to lag behind.

"I found that I couldn't pick up things with my right arm," Frame says.

Frame was diagnosed with ALS, a disorder that affects the nerves and muscles.

"It's been from the right to the left and then my feet and my legs, and it's just been a slow progression," he says.

Even though he needs a scooter to get around now, he's not letting that slow him down.

"You don't know how many days you got, so you just got to go out and live life," Frame says.

Watching her grandfather go through hurdles, Sadie says he inspires her every day, on and off the track.

"Being out here, I'm not the best hurdler in the world, but he's coached me to be the best that I can be and that's motivation for me because no matter what I'm going through, I think, 'He's got this. If he can do it, I can do it,'" she exclaims.

A man who never quits, Sadie wanted to honor Frame by hosting the first annual Frame Fun Run.

All of the proceeds will go toward ALS research.

"Hopefully one day, they'll find a cure for it. Maybe not in my lifetime. We'll see," Frame says.

No matter what obstacles may come his way, Frame has the endurance to keep rolling along.

Frame says their goal is to raise $50,000.

If you like to donate or participate, click here.